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Drinking water softener – Buying guide, Grades and Tests in 2020 


Households use the water softener to take better care of their pipes and appliances such as the washing machine or water heater. Let’s not forget that these devices improve the quality of water so that it is healthier. Already in the softener market, there are two types: the salt and the salt free. From this comes a multitude of models and brands that often complicate the task of buying. That’s why it’s important to focus on a few things like volume capacity, size, ease of use, and options available on the product. Two references of our comparative stand out from the lot namely the Water2Buy W2B800 seen as the most powerful and theWater2Buy AS500 , intelligent, lightening the everyday life of everyone. 


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How to choose good drinking water softeners? 


After performing tests and measuring the calcium and magnesium levels in your water, you may need to use a softener. Indeed, a hard water produces a lot of damage on the kettle, the washing machine, the pipes, and even the human body in the long run. Still, it is necessary to know how to choose it properly. 

The first thing that is expected of a softener is that it correctly reduces the level of limescale present in the water in a fairly short time and steadily in the long term . But for this, you have to match its performance or rather the amount of resin present inside the volume of water used daily. A model for 4 people will not perform as well as another for 10 people for example. Other details also come into play such as ease of maintenance. 

Individuals are turning more and more to models that clean themselves and make it easier for them. Some talk of regeneration when the product removes limescale and accumulated residues in its recovery tank. 

Additional options are also popular with users who are constantly looking to make everyday life easier. The most sophisticated are for example equipped with a programming or delayed start

The best water softeners on the market are also supposed to be the easiest to connect to piping and configure. It is better to have on delivery all the accessories accompanying the product for those who are not gifted in calibers and diameters. Also make sure that the manual is present and explains at best the steps of the installation. Take a look at how the item loads in salt and how much it consumes on that or that duration. Take the most economical. 

 Some neglect the dimensions of the device, while this characteristic counts as much as the others. So compared to where you plan to install your softener, compare with its size. 


What are the best water softeners of 2020? 



1. Water2Buy W2B800 Sel Adoucisseur D’eau


This Water2Buy reference impresses with its efficiency in dealing with large volumes of water. This is thanks to its patented IonX ™ resin. It removes up to 100% of the limestone present in 3680 l of water per day. The series is therefore suitable for homes or establishments with up to 10 people. In terms of convenience of use, the article still scores points among consumers. It is almost complete, it lacks a few accessories to operate optimally. The product is assembled in a few manipulations thanks to the notice explaining the process step by step. If necessary, you can even watch a video on Youtube or call customer service. It is compatible with all types of salt existing through its wide and removable loading lid. All consistencies and sizes of salt can be introduced. The softener is compact enough to fit directly under the sink. It will take a minimum of space and will go unnoticed because it works in silence. There is no need to adjust it every hour, it automatically launches the cleaning in a timely manner and chooses the hours when everyone is in bed to do his work. 

Acheter sur Amazon France: Prix- (€539)




2. Water2Buy Adoucisseur d’eau d’eau AS500


This brand softener was rated highest by buyers on Amazon. The 7 year warranty did not have to be seen the robustness of the product. This is explained by its adaptability to the majority of French heating systems as well as existing salts in all forms: end, blocks, tablets. On this side, the device will help you save on salt as it only uses regeneration. So it does not require much maintenance or spot checks. It will stay productive and efficient for a while and you will have to reload salt approximately every 2 months. On this smart device, you can choose the time to turn it on to avoid disturbing residents while they work or sleep. Although many already call it very quiet. The specimen can soften up to 1471 l per day, which corresponds to the water needs of a family of up to 7 people. If you want to make reservations even if you live alone, it is quite possible. 

Acheter sur Amazon France: Prix- (€479)




3. Water2Buy AS200 Sel Adoucisseur D’eau


The Water2Buy AS200 is not only a convenient accessory, but also economical. It saves salt over several months compared to conventional models, no matter what type of softener salt you are used to. You do not have to lift a finger every time, the unit is responsible for cleaning once a certain amount of water is gone. This dreadfully effective device is ideal for French regions with hard water. It is able to remove up to 100% of the limestone in 1250 liters of water a day for the household appliances and occupants of the house, although it is always better to maintain a happy medium. We must not rely on its small size and the fact that it can be positioned under the sink without worry. It is a robust material guaranteed 7 years. 

Acheter sur Amazon France: Prix- (€399)




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