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What are the best Sigma bike counters of 2020?


In the same way as the anti-theft and the bag, the bicycle counter is an essential accessory for any cyclist. Called also odometer, it is the device which makes it possible to measure the distance covered by the latter during training. Nowadays, brands have associated this counter with other performances such as GPS, etc. Before buying the one that suits you, we invite you to read the following comparison , to help you make the right choice.

Why focus on the Sigma brand? It was in 1982 that the pioneering German electronic Klaus-Peter Schendel, in collaboration with Sigma offers the 1 st counter market cycle called at that time “Cyclecoach”.

With its success, the brand has continued to improve its products and also create other necessary equipment such as bicycle lights or sports watches. For 30 years, the Sigma brand has been one of the best on the market for sports equipment and especially for cyclists.

Since 1 st model, several improvements were made to the cycle counter. In addition to distance, new technologies have been added such as heart rate, temperature, etc. The latest innovation from Sigma is the built-in GPS meter. This makes it possible to improve the cyclist’s performance, but also to ensure his good health during each training while showing him the way.

There are different Sigma bike counters on the market today. Choosing one can be a real obstacle course if you do not rely on the right criteria. To make the right choice, you need to check: robustness, tightness, connectivity, clarity of information, ease of installation and maintenance.

Trusting the Sigma brand is a guarantee of quality for a cyclist who takes his training seriously. For this, the bike counter is essential. Think carefully about your expectations and needs before you prospect so as not to regret your final choice. It is a small device, but a big investment that must last in the long run.


Recommended products


Sigma 06171


New born in the generation of bike counters , this model stands out thanks to its compatibility with Sigma Data Center. This allows you to transfer and analyze your tracks on your PC or Mac.

Those who take their training very seriously will appreciate all the elements that make up this model: barometric altimeter, cadence / heart rate, ultra-complete wristband support that allow you to put it on the wrist. It also has 2 adjustable wheel sizes and a 25h / 99rpm log. Thus, you will have the maximum of information in each course to be able to increase your performances.

The Sigma 06171 is wireless and in addition to speed, time and distance data: it also allows you to have information on your cadence rate, heart rate and altitude.

If you go hiking, the “cycle” functions can be hidden so that you have an effective watch for your activity.

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Sigma 02130


If you ride a bike every day, this model meets your expectations. It is equipped with a variety of modern and efficient technologies. Among them, you have general functions of bike, weather, but also temperature.

It is distinguished from other models by its STS (sigma transmission system) wireless data system and high fidelity transmission. It also includes a speed transmitter that protects, among other things, the transmission with a data update.

This model is equipped with a system that determines travel time and even displays the total fuel consumption during each trip. And to help you out well equipped, you can check the temperature on the corresponding display.

Waterproof, the Sigma 02130 is not afraid of water. So you can use it anytime, even when it’s raining. In addition, it is ready to mount so installs easily and quickly on your bike.

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Sigma 02120


Whether you are a competitor or a bike lover, this meter is ideal for good visibility on your performance. You have the choice of 7 different languages ​​to display the data. It mounts very simply on your bike and is directly ready for use.

With this model, the connection is wired. It is also possible to save the memory of the chip that accompanies it. This allows you to save your results to improve your performance. The on / off function is automatic and it is water resistant, which means you do not have any short circuit problems in your home.

The Sigma 021230 is equipped with 12 functions that will serve you every day. It clearly displays your speed, the number of kilometers traveled, the time of each trip and the fuel consumption. In addition, you are informed of the temperature to help you adapt. You can even compare each result according to your previous workouts and improve yourself from day to day.

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