La meilleure lampe torche LED pas chère

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What is the best cheap LED flashlight of 2019?


An LED flashlight is the latest technology in terms of manual lighting. This model offers both energy-efficient but powerful lighting. All this offering a considerable autonomy.

Batteries, batteries or photovoltaic cells are the various sources of power torches on the market. The most common models are battery-powered or battery-powered models, while solar lamps are less successful. Side autonomy, batteries and batteries offer more convenience especially in isolated areas.

1.1 Meco®

The size of the light beam varies by model and utility. Narrow beam products are ideal for short-range lighting, such as the cellar of a home, while long-range products are more suitable for outdoor use such as camping.

In general, the dimensions and appearance of LED torches differ in length and ergonomics. A lamp with a simple design is easier to slip into a pocket or bag. A model with a more aggressive design will not slip from your hands in case of hectic use.

The size, shape, location of the battery and the mode of operation of the lamp is its interface. Most often, there are models with a button positioned on the handle of the lamp. However it can be replaced by a rotary movement of the head or ring. Several lamps offer several levels of power, such as the model presented by Meco. In our comparison of high performance LED torches, this product holds an important place.



Hits_EN Meco CREE Q5 LED

1.2 Meco®

Main advantage

Consumers appreciate the three modes that are easy to distinguish from this model. It fulfills its role of lighting correctly.


Main drawback

The holding clip of this MEC CREE Q5 LED flashlight torch is considered fragile and is not compatible with some models of belt holders.

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At first, this product is of a simple style. Black in color, this material is a discreet accessory and blends into your business. The details as to its finish have been scrupulously made with the various reliefs that are inlaid. For a size of 90 mm x 25 mm x 20 mm, its handling is pleasant. In addition, its design is particularly slip-resistant so that it does not slip between your fingers.

Made of aluminum alloy, this model is appreciated for its strength and durability. The screw that serves as a cap for the battery is on the other end of the product and is of a different color than the carrier. To attach it to your belt or backpack, this product is equipped with a retaining clip secured by two security screws.

1.3 Meco®


The light output

After testing, consumers appreciate the luminous performance of this product. With a white light, its bulb is CREE Q5 LED which can reach up to 300 lumens. For its small size, the light it sends is considered by some blinding, it is its maximum power. It is operated by three function modes. It is equipped with an economical mode to project a weak light beam and therefore less energy consuming. The strobe mode is ideal to find your way on the roadside.

Its lighting distance is 50 to 100 meters which is sufficient during the night. You can switch from one mode to another with fluidity. It is powered only by an AAA battery with a voltage of 3 to 9 Volts for 100-200mA or with a battery of 14500.


Autonomy and practicality

For adventurers, this product is highly recommended. Its waterproof and water-resistant ability allows it to be taken everywhere even in the rain. Thanks to its clip of support, it will accompany you during your exits as your climbing, your rides by bicycle, your moments in camping with friends or family, your excursions or your other outdoor sports. This product will also be a faithful companion during power outages at home or for repairs that require strong light. This is the answer for DIYers, they can fix this product on the headset while having both hands occupied.

In rooms with little lighting, you can now proceed to your reading sessions with calm thanks to this product. For use at full power, its autonomy is one hour or 1:30 to extinguish. Its duration at reduced power is 4 hours, but can reach 5 hours in continuous operation.


Acheter sur Amazon France: Prix- (€7.99)



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