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What is the best polisher of 2019?


In spite of all the care you gave him, the years and bad weather have come to the end of the brilliance of your car. To return it, a polisher is required and you are determined to acquire one but not knowing what criteria to base your choice, reading comparative has only increased your confusion. This guide can help you make the right choice.

Manufacturers today offer car enthusiasts and professional bodybuilders two types of polishers: presses and orbitals.

1.2 Mannesmann 01700

The rotary polisher uses a tray that performs a simple circular motion at high speed on the motor shaft. It is generally quite powerful, of the order of 1,000 to 1,600 Watts and its speed of rotation can reach 600 to 4,000 rpm. It is usually equipped with a variable speed drive that can be adapted to each specific task. Some models have only a soft start. The most common tray diameter is 180 mm but can also be found between 150 and 230 mm.

Its use requires great care because if you do it wrong, for example by staying too long on the same point or exerting too much pressure, there is a risk of burning paint or varnish.

On the orbital polisher, the plate performs both a rotation and eccentric movements. Less powerful, it is mainly intended for finishing. Its power oscillates around 100 and 600 Watts and its speed is between 1,500 and 6,800 oscillations per minute. The eccentric movements inevitably produce vibrations and some manufacturers overcome this by offering handles equipped with an anti-vibration system. The diameter of the tray can range from 150 to 240 mm.

Its use is much easier since, due to its oscillating movement, the pad does not remain at the same point for a long time and the risk of burning is minimized.

Ergonomics is of great importance. The tool should be well balanced and provide a comfortable and firm grip.

The weight of the device is to be taken into consideration so that you do not have to make a coffee break in spite of yourself. It turns around 2.5 kg for the orbital polisher, a little more for the press.



Mannesmann 01700

1.1 Mannesmann 01700

Main advantage

The Mannesmann 01700 is a wired orbital polisher with an engine power of 120 Watts. Its rotation speed reaches 3,000 oscillations per minute, which should allow you to complete the renovation of your car with much less effort and saving a lot of time.


Main drawback

This polisher is unfortunately not equipped with a speed variator and starts at full speed, which does not facilitate its use by those who have never had to deal with this kind of equipment. A little learning is necessary.

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This polisher is distinguished from those simply rotating by the movements both circular and orbital (eccentric) of its polishing disc that is also called “Dual Action”. This is comparable to the earth turning on itself and around the sun. This technique considerably reduces the risk of overheating of paint and the appearance of holograms. It also allows a better distribution of the pressure.

The large diameter of its disc (240 mm) allows you to reduce the time and effort you have to provide for polishing, polishing or polishing the body of your car or the hull of your boat. You will have no more excuses to postpone its maintenance to the Greek calendar.



Easy use

This polisher is easy to use, even childish. It is equipped with two stirrup handles to allow you to handle it with great precision. The on / off switch falls by itself under your thumb.

It comes with 2 polishing caps. The polishing product (polish) is first applied to the surface to be treated using the textile windshield. A second pass with the synthetic windshield allows you to get the long-lasting glamor so coveted.

Very light, it weighs only 2.4 kg and is very easy to handle. With this polisher, you will not run the risk of burning your paint to the point of causing irreversible damage.


Very good value for money

Whether you are a fan of the “I do it all myself” or simply want to save on the services of a professional body builder, this polisher will be your best ally. Although a very affordable price, it allows you to have results worthy of a professional.

It allows to renovate oxidized paints and eliminate fine stripes (angel hair) in a spectacular way. The time it takes for you to polish your entire body will only be a fraction of what you will have spent if you had to do it by hand, not even being sure of the result. In addition, it will have saved you a lot of elbow grease!


Acheter sur Amazon France: Prix- (€36.99)



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