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What is the best photocopier of 2020?


To reproduce various documents, in small or large volumes, nothing equals the photocopier, also called copier or photocopier. This device is indeed intended to simplify the photocopy of various types of documents. It is fast, reliable and efficient. It is one of the indispensable tools to have in a workplace or even at home.

3.Ricoh SP 211SU Copier

The photocopier uses a xerographic process, an electro-photography technique allowing the reproduction of documents via the electrostatic technique, according to the principle of photoconduction. Photocopiers operate either through analog technology or digital technology.

The purchase of a photocopier is not done lightly, some criteria are needed to select the ideal model. To avoid blindly relying on the recommendations of a comparative, it is better to choose knowingly. There are different types of photocopiers. If you just need an efficient photocopier of simple documents, a black and white photocopier or a color photocopier may be enough. For reproduction of large format documents, type A1 or A0, turn to a copy machine. For massive prints, the duplicator will be perfect. Otherwise, there are also high volume copiers, fast and with high efficiency to reproduce various documents in many copies. Basically, your choice will be dictated by the use you want to make.

A photocopier can also integrate different functions. For example, you will find photocopiers with printer function for copying and printing documents in a single machine; with a scanner function to scan texts and images; or with fax to send and receive documents. Some are versatile and combine all these functions.

Features side, choose the correct print speed, resolution, modem speed, memory and warm-up time. A high print speed is recommended for intensive use and quality work. A high resolution allows to obtain a neat work. In the case of multifunction models, modem speed must be important. Also remember to choose a memory of memory according to the use for the safeguard of the data. The warm-up time indicates the amount of time to wait before the first copy starts. A photocopier can also use small or large format paper or both. If a service, maintenance and troubleshooting is offered, then the longevity of the device is guaranteed.



Ricoh SP 211SU

1.Ricoh SP 211SU Copier

Main advantage

The print quality and performance are quite satisfactory, regardless of the function used according to user estimates, more space is less thanks to its ergonomic design.


Main drawback

The USB 2.0 connector is not provided but it would have been very welcome.

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The Ricoh SP 211SU is a black and white multifunction copier , appreciated for its design, quality and ease of use. In particular, it can act as copier, printer and scanner. It is a compact device, easy to move and install. From the moment there is a power source and a stable surface to put it, it is already operational. Its design and finish are elegant.

Acquiring this 3-in-1 compact device will be very beneficial to avoid buying 3 different devices that will inevitably take up more space. You can save space without sacrificing operation.

2.Ricoh SP 211SU Copier



This multi function copier is ideal for use in a professional environment. Your productivity will certainly be increased with such a device at your disposal. It uses Printing Laser technology to provide professional print quality. Resolutions vary depending on whether you are printing, scanning, or copying.

Featuring a 4-line LCD display and multiple control buttons, it’s easy to use. It also includes USB 2.0 connectivity to connect a USB key, very useful for storing the scan or printing.



This 3 in 1 copier can surprise you with its performance. The device does not need to be preheated, just 25 seconds and it performs the command. The print speed is 22 pages / minute. With a resolution of 1200 x 600 dpi, the quality is at the rendezvous. In copier mode, it makes up to 99 copies, with a resolution of 300 dpi, 600 x 600 dpi. In scanner mode, it is 400 dpi.

The all-in-one cartridge has a range of 1500 prints to 2600 prints depending on performance. The performance of the device has satisfied the majority of users. In addition, it supports various paper formats including A4, A5, A6, B5 and B6. It can receive 151 leaves and leave 50 leaves maximum.


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