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What are the best 30L insulated bags from 2020?


To keep the temperature of your food as well as your drinks, you must bring an insulated bag . This is essential especially if you carry food from one place to another. Before making your choice, the lines below show you the criteria to check, followed by a comparison of three models.

You must take into account the capacity of the bag, determine its capacity from the substances you want to insert inside. The volume of the device varies according to use, it can reach up to 100 liters.

Your device must be well charged, the existence of empty spaces in your tool contributes to the reduction of insulation. If you want to put food for several people at once, opt for a fairly volumic material. On the other hand, if you only carry your lunch and your coffee, a small bag will be enough.

It is also important to check the shelf life. If you bring meals that you have prepared in the morning at work, redirect your choice to 30l insulated bags that keep the heat constant for a few hours. In case you make short trips such as picnics, hikes and many others, your equipment will have to contain the temperature of your food much longer. As a result, it requires a longer shelf life.

For more comfort, prefer your tool from its design to be easily transportable. There are models in cubic, cylindrical, parallelepipedic shapes and more. There are even those you can put on your back. You have a wide choice to bring them, the shoulder bag is ideal for walking. Handbags can be worn on foot or by car, they will stay stable on a flat surface and you will not risk getting your food inside.


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Campingaz 8803787


Even if you fold it among your other linens after you have cleaned it, it does not show any wrinkling and quickly returns to its original shape as soon as it is unfolded. It has good insulation, the strap is padded to limit the pain on your shoulders when you wear the product longer.

It is a 30I insulated bag that achieves the expected results. With a capacity of 30 liters, you can place food for a family. It is very convenient during your hikes or your campsites. It also allows you to carry 8 bottles of volume 1.5 liters respectively.

It’s solid and you can make long-term use without having to buy a new accessory every year. It guarantees the safety of your food and all the substances you put inside.

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With the dual function handle system of this 30I insulated bag, it can be carried by hand, but also on your shoulders when the latter seems busy holding other objects.

On the face, the accessory has a pocket that locks with a closure. It will allow you to ask small supplements such as tissues and various things that can serve you when moving.

It has a large capacity with a capacity of 30 liters. This device gives you a crucial help to place your various containers, you can put six bottles of 1.5 liters each. Your food will be kept cool.

It is very easy when cleaning, if its interior is working, you do not need to wash the equipment as a whole, just remove with sponge and water the dirt that remains.

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Oramics Premium


Its very modern design leaves the material very nice to take away in any place.

The shoulder strap is comfortable and very resistant, it is just as good at transporting heavy substances without any problem or without being damaged.

This device contains a side pocket large enough to put things like your spoons, forks and more.  

For a good fit, be sure to wrap sharp and pointed objects such as knives and forks before storing them inside the contents. If not, they will tear the inner liner and your hardware will no longer produce the results you want.

The food and liquid bodies placed in it are perfectly cooled for long periods. It comes in two models, 8 liters and 30 liters depending on your type of use.

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