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What is the best water softener for 2020 faucet?


Taking a shower or washing directly with tap water can often be harmful to the skin. This water is indeed likely to contain some residues, including limestone can cause serious consequences on the latter. For sensitive people, it is essential to obtain a softener to stay away from these deposits. Only, do not use any one. It seems important to choose them carefully by taking into account certain selection criteria. The following few lines have been dedicated to a comparison to help you find the right product.

This article can be in several models on the market. Each of them offers advantages as interesting as the others. To find the ones that best suit your expectations, you must first consider their ability. In this case, if you have a large family or if guests are not missing at home, it would be better to opt for a large capacity. Basically, this volume should be based on the number of people who can use this equipment.

The mode of operation of the device is also a point not to abandon. Here, you must check the concept by which it removes the presence of limestone in the water, because its effectiveness depends closely on it. Some products use ultrasound technology that seems environmentally friendly. Others require an ion exchange device and ionX resin to turn on, not to mention those rotating with a volumetric control valve.

Finally, ease of installation is an equally important factor. It is more convenient to opt for an item that you can mount yourself rather than another requiring the intervention of a plumber. If not, your bill will increase further.




Main advantage

This tap water softener is well appreciated for its ease of installation. Can be mounted between the hose and the shower, its installation does not require the intervention of a specialist.

Main drawback

Many users complain about the unstable capacity of this product from Bluefilters. This capacity depends in fact on the quality of the water.

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Performance and efficiency

If you are afraid of skin irritations or other disorders due to tap water with too much residue, this product may be useful to you. In terms of performance, it really has something to amaze you.

To keep you away from these deposits and prove its effectiveness, it turns toxic chlorine into a harmless chloride. It removes all traces of organic matter that can cause dandruff and damaged hair. It also prevents drying of the skin tissue. Dry, dehydrated skin after a shower will only be a bad memory for you.

To guarantee you even more hygiene, this article has antibacterial properties. Thanks to them, your health will be continuously assured. It also has the ability to remove heavy metals and rust.

Easy installation

To simplify your task, Bluefilters has carefully studied the features of its product so that you can easily mount it yourself without having to resort to a professional. It benefits from a 1/2 “connection. You can install it between the faucet and the shower hose , or between the shower hose and the shower.

You can choose between these two options taking into account the peculiarities of your bathroom. It is still known that with its dimensions of 14 x 5 cm in length and in diameter, this device will not occupy a large space. It is not bulky and seems well suited to all rooms.


Capacity and maintenance

Bluefilters tap water softeners are generally recognized for their high capacity. For this model, it can reach about 5000 L. Such a volume seems well suited to large families with several children. If you frequently receive guests, this article is also for you. Only, according to some users, it seems that this capacity is not stable and depends on the quality of the water.

Side maintenance, this device will certainly save you a lot since the filter does not require frequent maintenance. Its range of change can range from 6 to 12 months.


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